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Leaves and flower – my creation of cotton yarn

Without a partner, no noise, no interruption, I can enjoy my leisure time, feel the joy of being alone, and feel the surprise of my time from the finger tip.

In my spare time, I like to continue my hand knitting creation.

I like to enjoy undisturbed knitting. The crochet is in my hands, so dazzling and flexible.

Time always surprises me, look! Hand knitting yarn in my hand, gradually blossoming the golden flowers, small and charming, waiting for me will be a wonderful journey; yarn clubs and crochet stitches, turned into pieces, colorful, very suitable for the dancers, will be subject to a lot of flowers every day. Looking at this scene, the joy of my heart fills the whole world.

View our yarn to create you own design:

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  3. Alpaca yarn
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  5. Organic cotton yarn
  6. Cotton blend yarn
  7. Wool tops
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