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The first time of knitter

The young man who won the first prize of the Japanese new group award for the first time.

On a sunny afternoon, a young man ran to a baseball game alone. On the field, a nameless player hit a second base hit, “bang” and a crisp and pleasant sound, and he suddenly thought, “maybe I can write a novel, too.” That year, the young man named Haruki Murakami began his journey of fiction. His first work, listening to wind and singing, won the new award of the Japanese group.

There is no perfect article, as there is no irretrievable despair. ‘- from a famous book in China.

Ann & Carlos’s “first” decision

After the encounter between Norwegian Ann and Swede Carlos, in 2002, the first serious decision was made to design the two person group “Ann Carlos”. And in a 180 km north of Oslo, a converted old station was used as a home and studio. In 2010, the first weaving book “Christmas ball” was officially published, which led to the upsurge of weaving in Europe led by Norway.

Do not think too much.‘ – Ann & Carlos

And my “first time”

At the age of 3, he lapped his father’s lollipop for the first time. At the age of 7, he first gave his green schoolbag to his aunt. At the age of 10 he first wore his mother’s vest. At the age of 12, the first time she could ride her uncle’s bicycle was 14, and for the first time she put on a pair of red shoes from her grandmother. At the age of 19, the first time he knitted his boyfriend’s scarf, 21 years old, gave his mother the birthday gift, the first hand knitted sweater. The gift from the new to the old, the years come and go. These memorable memories for the first time are the treasure of memory and the treasure of alternating hands.

What about you?

Remember the first reason to pick up the stick / Crochet

What is it?

Do you remember the interesting things about the first knit?


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